Working with multiple computers means a consideration of desk space used. Whether you have a vast working area or not, it might not be easy to arrange the space for a number of monitors, keyboards, and mice. However, IOGEAR KVM switch can be the answer for the problem of restricted desk space. IOGEAR KVM switch allows you to access work on multiple computers only by working on central location and sharing a main keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Even though the IOGEAR KVM switch performs a pretty good job for your multi-tasks, it is still crucial to be prepare if something accidentally happens.

First of all, displace a power cord from IOGEAR KVM switch and leave it disconnected for a while. Then, put the power cord back to its place and turn on the switch again. If the power is surged or other power supply is interrupted, the IOGEAR KVM switch can possibly loss connection to its attached devices.

After that, to ensure that the monitor works well, plug your external monitor into one of the computer. If the monitor is properly connected with IOGEAR KVM switch, you will be able to view the video. Make sure that both the cable and thumbscrews are securely placed.

Last, see if mouse and keyboard are functionally plugged into the computer. Carefully check if the mouse and keyboard are appropriately connected to the computer, as well as the cables. It is possible that you might have a problem with mouse and keyboard especially when plugging PS2 into USB connector. What you should try to do is replacing the former PS2 device with the new USB keyboard and mouse.

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