using ioger kvm
KVM switch can be a very handy tool for you especially when you are looking for a solution of managing computer equipments that exceed your desk space. By using KVM switch, you will be able to work on several computers on a single monitor, single keyboard, and single mouse. One of the most popular KVM switch for such the privileged is made by Iogear. The reasons that make Iogear a reliable switch maker is that their switches are easy to use and user-friendly.

You may wonder what do you need to know to switch screens on Iogear KVM. First of all, you will need to have, of course, KVM switch, two monitors, and a keyboard. Once you are done preparing all the tools, you can now move on to the next step: Find out what type of cabling that your KVM switch uses since some of the Iogear switches come with attached cables and some have removable cables.

Then, place your KVM switch on your desk and connect the cables to the Iogear switch. It is recommended to attach color code for your cables, so it can be easier to connect. Move on to connect your monitor to the KVM switch of your monitor cable and so does your keyboard and mouse.

After that, work on each of the cables by connecting them separately from KVM switch to the monitor, keyboard, and mouse ports of each computer you will be using. Check if the connection works by pushing the button on each port that switched to the computer. If the light next to the port is illuminated, the computer screen will show on your monitor and that means you have successfully worked on switching screens by using Iogear KVM.

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